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Have anxiety, depression? Go to therapy

This is a blog post I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I’ve always suffered from anxiety which got a lot worse over recent years, shakes, nausea, not going out etc. The worst for me was when I threw up on my wedding day. After that, I started CBT therapy and haven’t looked back since.Therapy allows me to train my brain to react differently to situations and to take a step back in life. It allows me to keep calm and when I do get anxious I deal with it so much better. I’ve been in therapy for about a year now and haven’t had a major anxiety attack for about 8 months.

There are so many benefits of therapy. It allows you to go to the root of your issues and work through them with someone you can trust. This person will even see things that you didn’t realise you were doing or feeling because they have the advantage of an outside perspective. It’s so much different to talking to a loved one about your issues as that is more a way to vent whereas therapy is a problem solver and a way to train and teach your mind to do what you want it too. It’s not that expensive either, about the cost of a driving lesson, around £20. If that’s all it costs to help you in so many ways. Which is more important?

So, anyone with anxiety or depression. Heck no matter what your issue is. I urge you to go to therapy. It’s so beneficial to have that person to talk to and so healthy. I recommend every single person on the planet tries therapy at one point or another. I used to go once a month and now I go 3/4 times a year and that’s all I need to feel wonderful

Give it a go,

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