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Germ Season – Cold remedies

With the wonderfully changing seasons and the cold that Winter brings with it, people are of course getting poorly creating what we know as “Cold and flu season”. Even if you don’t catch anything you may find yourself feeling a bit glum and under the weather.

I, myself have become an attractive host for the common cold and for the past few days have been a little knocked out. Headaches, temperature, nausea, stuffed nose, tickly throat and plenty of grunge are all lovely additions I’m experiencing. So, what have I been doing for my cold? What methods in my experience work the best?

Staying Hydrated

By far the best remedy for colds and flu in my opinion. I usually drink around 2-3 liters of water a day but since coming down with this cold I’ve found myself guzzling 4-5 liters if not more. I’m exceptionally thirsty as my body is working overtime fighting this off.

So, if you feel thirsty make sure you’re drinking plenty, especially more than usual. Whether it’s water, juice, tea, coffee. No matter what it is, fill up. Soups, tea, and coffees are my personal favorite to accompany alongside water. Hot liquids are soothing for colds and can help calm that annoying tickly throat or a chesty cough.

Plenty of rest

Now, most of us know how much rest is good for you no matter what you have wrong with you. Sleeping allows your body to work overtime in recovery mode. However, when you have a cold or flu you may find it’s not the easiest of tasks.

The past couple of nights I have woken frequently during the night so last night I went to bed early in hopes of getting some much need rest. Nope, my cold, like a little devil on my shoulder decided that this wasn’t going to happen. Poking my nose and throat with his little pitchfork everytime I started dosing off. My night was filled with nauseous episodes from my lovely gunge and inability to breathe through my nostrils. I ended up with around 4 hours of sleep 😦

Unfortatunely there isn’t much you can do other than drinking hot liquids, medicine before you go to bed (just avoid ones that contain caffeine) and try to go to bed early and take naps in the day if you can. Once I’m awake that’s it for the day so no naps for me but hopefully you may have better luck than me.

Medicines and plenty of them

Whether its cough syrup, pills, cough drops. Make sure you fill up to try and mask your cold symptoms which will allow you to get through your day as relatively normal. My usual go to’s are generic cough syrups as I always struggle with tickly coughs and then cough sweets on top of that.

When I say plenty of them. Just make sure you don’t overdose but you keep topped up on them. Check all the packaging to see what you can have and when you can have it. Writing it down will help if your brain is fogged with your illness.

Eat your greens

One of the biggest must haves for any illness is to try and eat as healthy as you can. Crap food i.e. junk food will only make you feel worse. So, whether it’s a vegetable-rich soup with a couple of slices of brown bread or just some hummus and snacks.

Even if you don’t feel hungry try to make sure you’re eating a balanced diet to supply your body with the nutrients it needs during this time.

Herbal Remedies

This is an obvious one. If you don’t want to be fully dosed with cold and flu remedies constantly then you can seek the natural healing abilities of herbal alternatives. Ginger and lemon drinks. Salt or apple cider vinegar to gargle for gunge.

There are plenty of options you just need to do your research.

These are my main four ways of getting rid of that nasty illness quicker. I keep to them like a rule book whenever I come down with a nasty illness. Do you have any personal recommendations that work wonders for you? Let me know!

Happy cold season!

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