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Hello, today I’ve had the house to myself whilst my husband has been at Alton Towers with a friend so I’ve been doing a lot of writing and have ended up creating ideas for 10 different short stories all with the topic of Christmas in mind.

I’m hoping this will be released in time for Christmas this year as a collection which is very exciting.

On the side, I’m also working on a guide for new publishers with hints and tips and a Vegan recipe book. Next year I will be releasing more short stories and working on a couple of other novels. Lot’s of things to look out for in the future.

Today was very exciting because I have also received my second Amazon review. This one is again on the short story “Detective Mentis” and it is 5 stars! Very pleased.

One of those most daunting things for me as a writer has been waiting to hear feedback on published works. It’s terrifying!

I would recommend following my social media accounts to keep updated with everything. I have a facebook and Instagram account that are both dedicated to m published works and I also have a personal Instagram account where I post everything from vegan recipes, pictures of the cats and pictures of my world.

Social media accounts 

Facebook – @kimberleyjacksonbooks

Instagram Personal – @wallyjay

Instagram Author – @kimberleyjacksonbooks

All books are available on Kindle.

How excited is everyone else getting for Christmas by the way? I’m the kind of person who usually gets’s excited in August anyway but now that I am working on a collection of Christmas stories it’s got my tinsel in knots! Although the books will be based around horror so maybe that will take my spirit down a notch!


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