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Author update – Research, HMRC and progress

Hello beans

First things first. A quick poll.

Comment below which platform you purchase your E-books on, please, e.g. Kindle, Kobo. Nook. One word comments are enough. 

I seem to be having a few problems on Nook publishing so we may not put the books on there. Also, I feel publishing on Kindle alone may be a better option. I will keep you all updated on any decisions made. As for now, all 3 are available on Kobo and Kindle.

This morning I have started the process of registering as self-employed and sorting taxes out. Lots of research and forms involved. If anyone has a step by step guide that would be appreciated 🙂

Today I’m continuing work on another short story which will later be released as a collection with the other two that are already released so keep an eye out for that as there will be a giveaway!

I would recommend following my social media.

I have a Facebook page “kimberleyjacksonbooks” for all my book information. I also have two Instagram accounts. My personal one “wallyjay” and one dedicated to my books “kimberleyjacksonbooks

Once I’ve sorted all the nitty gritty parts of publishing and registering as self-employed I’m planning on uploading a blog post giving my experiences and a guide to help others 😁

Thanks beans!

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