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Detective Mentis

Detective Mentis is probably one of my favourites books I’ve written for the pure fact that is so different to anything I’ve written about. Throughout my other book,s I’ve touched on Mental health a lot and continue to do so as it opens so many doors. However, when I started writing this book I decided I wanted something more basic as the storyline. Something that would create the want to read more with a cliffhanger at the end that would leave it open to another book (hint, hint) but it also allowed me to embrace the roots of my writing style. To play around with words a little and focus more on great descriptions of the characters to the location which was a lot of fun and allowed me to learn a lot about my individual writing style.

Make sure to have a read of the blurb below to see if it’s something you would love. Links to buy are below the image. Thanks.

Detective Mentis works for a small-town police department. When a girl goes missing it brings up evidence of more than just one tortures murder but when fears are confirmed Mentis finds more than he bargained for. A short story of horror that will leave you wanting more.

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