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Charlotte’s World

Charlotte’s world is a short story that I had an idea for when I wrote my first book but it took me a while to get round to writing it. I loved the idea of creating a dark existence that revolved around mental health and the deep dark depths that you can sink into. Charlotte is a great character for this, her solitude and warranted weirdness gives her the perfect backdrop for such a role and she was perfect in this story. Maybe there will even be a chance to carry on this style of book or even the villain within into other stories from different perspectives. What do you think?

Make sure to have a read of the blurb below to see if it’s something you would love. Links to buy are below the image. Thanks.

Charlotte’s bad dreams cause her all sorts of trouble in her life until one day she meets someone new. As things come into focus can she ward off her demons?
What if your nightmare becomes your reality? A short story of horror and a mind’s betrayal that will leave you wanting more.

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