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Hello, I’m often judged and looked down upon for being Vegan which as such doesn’t phase me as I love my lifestyle. People argue that animals are there for our consumption, that they enjoy the taste of meat, eggs, milk. I’ve been talking to a non-vegan about this on a comments section of a website and I just wanted to share what I told her. It put’s it into perspective and she didn’t respond after this so I’m hoping I hit a nerve.

Have you ever asked yourself how much pain a cow feels when it’s baby is dragged away? How that baby cries for its mum’s comfort and never receives it. How sad a pig is when it’s forced into a confined space without being able to stand upright. How poorly chickens feel when they are kept in a shed with thousands of others, rotting corpses of their friends lying next to them while standing in their own excrement. How a helpless dog, cat, rabbit, monkey is poked, prodded, put through excruciating amounts of pain and discomfort for someone’s makeup. Animals are intelligent, loving, playful creatures that deserve to live happy pain-free lives. Just like we would expect ourselves to be able to live like that. If we as humans are causing this terrible pain to an animal do you not think we should do something about that?? Don’t they deserve that? I say yes and that is exactly why I’m vegan. I have no right to cause so much pain to a loving animal.We speak up for them because they can’t do it themselves. Their cries in mourning are ignored. Whines and tears are laughed at. They deserve to be treated with the same level of respect and love that I would give to my family because they have families to that are torn apart for someone’s meal, household products or makeup.

This is just a small example of what we humans put animals through on a daily basis. It’s disgusting and I am ashamed to be part of the human race a lot of the time but someone has to speak for the animals because their cries are ignored.

For anyone who is reading this as a non-vegan. How selfish are you to accept that animals pain for what it is but just ignore it like it’s a piece of chewing gum on the sidewalk? It’s disgusting. All you are doing is putting your taste buds above the life of an animal. Is that seriously more important to you???  Now I know plenty of people that aren’t vegan and I leave them to it because each person must have control over their own lives but just remember this. Animals don’t have that control over their lives and yet you are quite happy to ignore this mistreatment and hold onto your control.

You have the control to change your ways. Be a good example for others. Teach your children to be kind to animals. Make a positive change today. Even if it’s a simple thing like grabbing the soya milk instead of the dairy milk. Buy the cruelty-free own brand softener rather than the big named branded cruel one. Half your meat intake for the week. It all makes a difference and you may surprise yourself about how much more positivity you fill your life with. Positive actions have positive reactions.

Thank you for caring

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