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Fatty Carb day – Treat yourself

Hello Beans

Does anyone else ever have those days where you want more and more carbs. I would eat a cloud if it was candy floss…that kind of day.

We had a wander around town today and grabbed a few bits. As usual, we ended up in Home Sense. My favorite shop. We didn’t buy anything major. I found some pea protein powder which I’m excited to start trying in my smoothies. We also found some Vegan ranch chickpeas and a few other none essential items.

I don’t remember a time when we have been to Home Sense and bought anything that we needed.

Anyway, we got home at lunch time. I had a yummy macro/Buddha bowl for lunch full of super good stuff and a papaya for pudding…..then this happened.


A homemade cookie dough milkshake. I could have had just the milk or the cookies, or even a slice of chocolate but nope. I had to slap it all together and go overboard. Is it wrong of me to not regret this? I loved every last mouthful. In my defence, I eat pretty darn healthy…most of the time.

I realise this is a random blog but I just wanted to show my yummy creation and let you all know that it’s ok to not be perfect all the time. Don’t feel guilty for having a treat. Just make sure you don’t have treats all the time, every day.

So if it’s buying that handbag you’ve had your eye on in the shop window. Purchasing those new sparkly shoes or picture frames. Or just stuffing your face with a high carb creation. We only have one life on this planet. Enjoy the freedom of splashing out once in a while.

Oh and this is just proof to all non-vegans that vegans have yummy puddings as well 😀

Do you have any cheat day favourites? Anything you really want to buy or invest in? I would love to hear about it!  

Happy Weekend Beans!

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