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Reasons why I’m vegan: In their shoes.

Hello, so I’ve been given permission to post this. A very creative lady posted this story on a Facebook vegan group – called Vegan UK if anyone is interested- people were commenting saying it was too wordy and preachy. I didn’t see this. I enjoyed reading an insightful post and decided to get that ladies permission to share it on here. It sums reasons I’m vegan for me. I would love to get people’s views on this.


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Imagine you are pushed into a dark barn, with a bunch of people naked. You all look the same. You all have terror in your eyes. You’re all shouting out. Some are pregnant. Some have little children with them. Some are fighting amongst themselves. Then they come in. They chop the hands off of the people fighting. They rip the children from their mothers. Everyone around them is shouting, protesting, crying. The people who are doing this can’t hear you they’ve got noise canceling Headphones on. They just smile and laugh as you try to stop them, try to plead for your life. You watch as a mother goes into labor. They help, when the baby is born they check it’s genitalia they then take the baby away. The mother is forced to have pumping stations on her breasts. You are then left in the darkness. Everyone so close together. You hear a click that makes you jump and then a mechanical noise. The food comes out on a conveyor belt. Everyone goes nuts for this food, but it’s going by so fast, there’s so many of you, but so little food. There’s fighting, they come in and again chop the hands off of the ones whose fighting. They need to make sure you don’t kill each other off, they need to feed you up. Suddenly you need the toilet. You look around there’s no place to go. There’s only the floor that you all stand upon. People are so close to you, you can feel their body on your body. The smell of their fear, their anxiousness. You let your bladder go. No one even notices. Nobody even blinks.

You’ve been there for weeks. They do not clean the floor of everyone’s feces and urine. They don’t clean the blood. A few have died from malnourishment. The bodies have not been removed. Each day someone is taken. You do not know where but you hope somewhere better than here. The smell used to make you gag but now the ammonia has burnt your sense of smell away. You’re covered in everything you could think of. As to try to get a bit of shut-eye you have to sleep on the floor.

The only time the people with headphones appear is when there is fighting, or if a woman is going into labor. You’ve started to notice how they mainly take the male babies/children away. They let the females babies stay but do not let them suckle from their mother. They have to find another way to feed their child as the milk they produce is going into bottles. You saw someone once try and take these off to feed their child. It caused an alarm to go off. The headphone people came storming in. Shouted at her, gave her a beating. Even with her child in her arms. She tried to tell them she wanted to feed her child. They could not hear her but they could see the tears going down her face and the look of pain. They still ignored her and forced the pump back on her breast, and put a device upon the babies head. It wrapped around the back of the babies head, and at the front, it has a spike. Each time the baby tried to get milk from its mother it would cause the mother harm.

When you’re asleep, you start to dream about the life you used to have before you were forced into this barn. You dreamt about your family. The sun, the grass, the fresh water, the food. The open space. Your sense of smell, then when you wake up you’re forced back to reality as another body falls dead beside you.

Days, weeks, months go by. You get a bit fatter. They have started coming in the barn and injecting you are not sure what with. You know they’ll take you soon as you’ve gotten so plump. You pray for this day. So you can get some sunshine, some fresh air. You’ve made sure you’ve eaten, kept to the rules. Not fought with anyone. You’ve seen the face of the headphone people when they find someone like you, they look happy. They smile at the one they are taking. Licking their lips. Which to you means that when they take you it’s to somewhere better than here. Because why else would they be happy right?

The day arrives. You get woken by someone prodding you with a metal poker. You smile at them as you wake. They touch you all over. Checking you. When they stop they smile. Lick their lips, put a collar around your neck and lead you through the feces, urine, blood and dead bodies. Your eyes burn as you go into the sunlight. You get taken to a wash station. Which you are truly thankful for, you tell them this. But they still have their headphones on and don’t hear you. They just smile as they wash you down. Then they lead you to some weighing scales. They are pleased with your result they smile and nod.. they then take you to another barn.

You look up. There’s knives everywhere, mallets, chainsaws, hooks hanging from the ceiling. Some are rusty, some look like they’ve just been used as substances are dropping off them. You ask them “what’s going on?” They don’t bat an eyelid at you just keep dragging you forward. You start to get anxious now. This isn’t what you were hoping for. You get to the far end of the barn. There’s a man in overalls with headphones on. With a massive sharp knife. The ones who brought you here start wrapping ropes around your hands, legs, and mouth. You struggle, they hit you. You scream, they ignore you. They look into your eyes and smile. You are dragged towards the man with the knife. You hadn’t noticed the hook hanging from the ceiling beside him. You look from him to the hook, to the knife, to the people who have tied you up. You start to try and get loose. You scream.You cry out. You try and fight. They tighten the ropes, they hit you hard, some even electrocute you with their tasers until you’ve got no fight left in you. You cry silently. They lift you onto the hook. You feel it rip your skin and go deep in you. They let go and you feel the hook tear down your back. You cry out, ask them to “stop”. They laugh. They ignore you. Their headphones still on. You look at the man with the knife, he starts to sharpen it even though it looks sharpened enough. You wonder if he is doing it, to tease you? to prolong your agony? You pray that someone would stop this. That someone would come in and help you. But no one comes. The man in overalls comes over, slaps you on the cheeks. Says “you’re going to be a juicy one” then slides the knife across your throat. At first, you don’t feel it, you just feel the blood going onto your body, your body getting weaker. Then the pain hits you. As your life flashes before your eyes.

There you have it. Pretty insightful don’t you think? 

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