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Life in general – August favourites

Hello Beans

Hope you’ve all had an enjoyable month of August. Next month is Halloween. I’ll just let you consider that for a moment. This year is going by so fast. A few months and it will be Christmas. Must to my enjoyment we haven’t had much of a summer this year in the UK. While everyone else wallows about this I jump for joy. I’ve been loving wrapping up in blankets and it makes me all the more excited for Christmas in the coming months. This will be our second Christmas in our new home but last year we moved into this house a week before Christmas so it wasn’t quite the same feeling as it will be this year.

This month I have been busy focusing on positive thinking. Trying to be more positive in my everyday life is really helping me on a daily basis. I have been happier and feel more fulfilled with my everyday life even though what I do on a daily basis hasn’t changed. Positive thinking has made me appreciate what I have more.

I’m still doing my writing and thoroughly enjoying it. I’ve nearly finished with one of my short stories and halfway through another. I’ve set myself a deadline of getting my main book released by Christmas. I’m hoping to release a couple of short stories alongside it but if not the main book will definitely be up as all that needs is a front cover.

Oh, also this month myself and my husband have booked a mini break in Matlock for our wedding anniversary this year. I can’t wait to do plenty of relaxing, sight seeing and go on plenty of walks 😀 I may miss my Ninja blender and the ability to make a smoothie while I’m gone though.

Ok so, onto the favourites.

Eat real Veggie Straws

We nipped out for a walk around our housing estate. My other half bought a croissant from co op and I bought these to try. I wasn’t expecting to like them that much but these were delicious.


The different flavours are really enjoyable, they are easily labelled and they are pretty low calories as well. A good handy snack. The only downside is that I wish they did things like this as multi packs.

Qcumber Sparkling water

I first had this the first time we went to Zizzi’s and I have been hunting for it ever since. The only place I found it was Ocado and they sold out when I added it on to my shopping list but after several determined weeks it finally arrived in our weekly shopping.


When I had it at Zizzi’s they mixed it with mint in the glass with some cucumber slices. A beautiful refreshing summer drink. I’m not a huge fan of sparkling water but I love this.

Bioglan Supergreen Cocoa Boost

Found in home sense. I bought this on a whim. After doing more research into their products I ended up buying their berry superfoods powder as well because of how much I liked this. I don’t tend to use as much as it says to on the packaging as it’s quite expensive. I use 1tsp instead of 2, normally in my smoothies. For the chocolate powder, I use half and half mixed with Green and Blacks cocoa powder.


It’s very yummy and very nutrient rich. I love the brand’s products. They have so much to offer. I would highly recommend nosing around their website if you get a chance to.

Lidl Veggie Week Quinoa Chips

So these were picked up in Lidl veggie week. I have done my main review of these in a separate blog post here. They are really nice and come in two flavours that I could see which were Vegan-friendly. This one which we prefer and a tomato herb flavour.


Primal Teriyaki Strip

I think I recall having these a while ago in the past before going Vegan. This one was in a snack attack box I bought from the vegan kind which was full of yummy Vegan snack I’ve been slowly working my way through. I love the sweetness of this flavour and the texture is scarily like meat in my opinion.


Raw Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

This is one of my recipes that was developed from the Ginger Vegans recipe. It was a recipe card in this months vegan kind box. I loved this recipe so much and will definitely be repeating it. Here’s the link if you would like to check it out.



I have recently realised that my sweetener had milk powder in. After doing some research I found 3 natural sugars that were supposed to be great. This is one of the ones that have the best reviews on Amazon. It feels and looks a lot like sugar. It tastes different but still tastes sweet. I have been enjoying having this in my coffee with none of the nastiness.


It’s good for drinks, cooking and baking. I would highly recommend people try it.

Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion

This month I went on a hunt for day cream and night cream as I wasn’t using any at all up until recently. After posting about it in one of my Vegan Facebook groups I was recommended this night lotion for my acne oily skin alongside a day cream. I’m enjoying the day cream but not as much as this. I normally have to use prescription cream and antibiotics for my difficult skin but since using this I’ve not needed to.


It smells great. Absorbs well into my skin and when I wake up in the morning my skin has been looking pretty fresh faced, not as oily and even my dark circles under my eyes seem less obvious. Thoroughly enjoy this and I think it will be a staple in my bathroom cabinet.

That’s it for this month’s favourites. It’s definitely mainly snack items this month. Make sure to check out last months if you haven’t yet and follow me on Instagram where I post recipes, sneak peeks and pictures from my everyday life. 

Do you have any favourites for your month? Has August been a good or bad month for you? Let’s chat! 

Thanks, Beans!

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