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Vegan snack haul – The Vegan Kind

Hello beans

I thought I would share with you all my vegan snack box haul. I don’t snack often and when I do it’s normally fruit so this is going to last me quite some time.

Most of the items you can see in the box were from ‘The vegan kind’ website. They do a snack attack box for £25 on their supermarket section of their website. Here’s the link.

The pulsin bars and quinoa bars were from Ocado and the first bag of crisps I show you were from Lidl 🙂

Thought some of you may find it handy. I would highly recommend the vegan kind. I get subscriptions boxes from them and regularly use the shop. I will either put reviews of each item on this post or I may do a section on the main body of the website for it. Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you don’t already as I post things on there that I don’t o n here.

Enjoy beans

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