Is Being Vegan an All or Nothing?

Wonderful idea behind what’s classed as Vegan.

Soy Not Steak

I’d say that the majority of vegans dream of an idealistic world where animals are free from exploitation and suffering; protecting both the planet and our health. So can we do this halfheartedly? Can you be a bit vegan? This is a topic which I’m in two minds about so I wanted to write about it and hopefully come to a better decision about where I stand on it.

On the one hand, veganism is all about leading a lifestyle which aims to avoid all suffering to animals. If we base our answer purely on this, you cannot be a bit vegan. You can’t pick and choose when to care about animals and when not to. You either commit to a lifestyle void of all animal exploitation, or you don’t. However, I think the problem becomes much more complex when we consider the idea that some people are vegan for…

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