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UK Lidl Vegan Haul – Veggie Week

Just a quick one this evening whilst I’m waiting for my Spaghetti Bolognese to cook. Last week we heard about Lidl doing a Veggie week from the 17th – 24th. So obviously we had to rush to Lidl this evening as soon as my husband got in from work.

Lidl is a good go-to shop for me for fruit and veg. They are well priced and the quality isn’t too bad either. They also have plenty of accidentally vegan products there. The ones we got were pretty much all in the Veggie week promotions. I’m really hoping they will start selling them consistently though.

The pasta sauces are very tasty. I’ve been wanting to try Quinoa puffed for a while but this is the first time I’ve spotted it at a reasonable price (£1.79). If you guys have any recommended recipes for it then please let me know!


There’s are two types of chicken alternatives in their Vegan meat selections as well as mince and falafels. They were all under £2 as well 😀I’ve also picked up some Tofu to try.

These crisps are scrummy. Light but moreish. Lovely flavors. I personally prefer the hot and spicy. They also had a sour cream & chive flavor but I didn’t check to see if it was vegan. Chia seeds were less than £2 again and I always use these. Goji Berries are another new one for me. I’ve had them in things before but never on their own so if you have any recommended recipes then again please let me know!

I would highly recommend you take a trip to Lidl to have a nose at their products if you live near one.

Does anyone have any shops that they look to do food hauls from? I often do them at Holland & Barrett or The Vegan Kind website as well. Let me know if you have any recommended recipes for any of these items. I’m excited to try them all. I’m in the process of trying some which I will be posting pictures of on my Instagram so make sure to follow me! 


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