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Reasons I’m vegan – Dairy is cruel

Another rant worthy blog post about reasons why I’m vegan. I’ve just watched a very informative video on Facebook that sums up the industry in 5 minutes. YouTube video here. It really represents the truth around the industry and shows it for what it is. Other videos you may find helpful are ‘What the health’ and ‘Cowspiracy’, some people see them as propaganda but they show the truth behind what is really happened in our world and with these amazing animals.

To be honest, the dairy industry was something I never even gave a second thought about. We got milk from the supermarket and it came from cows, that was all I knew and couldn’t be bothered to find any more information. It’s amazing how much we close our eyes and become blind to a simple thing like where milk comes from and how we get that milk. Oh and things that go into the milk such as puss from any infections and hormones that we then put into our body,

What do you think of the video? This is just a small snippet of the truth.

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Ignorance is the enemy, The dairy industry is very cruel and it’s baffling why we drink milk in the first place. In simple terms, it belongs to the calves of those cows. The babies that the mothers should be allowed to feed,  We are in the modern age and I think I speak for many when I say that Vegan is the way forward. some of the most inspiring people have said such a thing about not eating meat and yet people keep quiet and show pictures of happy cows when we think of the dairy industry. This needs to change.


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