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Reasons I’m vegan – everyone deserves to experience life.

Hello beans

I’m considering writing a full blog entry on this or maybe a series but only if people are interested so please let me know 🙂

I spotted this on Facebook today and decided I needed to share it.

It puts it into perspective for me and only grounds my feet and plants them dead on centre in my decision to be vegan 3 months ago.

Every species deserves to experience life and enjoy its freedom but so many animals don’t get that choice. People are distraught when we read stories about new born babies dying in house fires. “They haven’t had a chance to experience life ” is something I hear said often. But why is it so different for animals?

Are humans that naive that we don’t apply our own words to other species? My world has exploded with possibilities, tastes, colours, textures and happiness since going vegan. I strongly believe that it’s the modern way to live and that eating animal products is out dated and old fashioned. We don’t need it and we can thrive without it.

Image result for vegan life animals

Surely it’s about time we started allowing animals the lives we would want for ourselves? They deserve the respect and freedom just like a newborn baby or a teenager beginning to make life choices would.

To sum it up. Reasons I’m vegan animals:

  1. Animals deserve to live ❤
  2. Dairy is cruel 
  3. A non-vegan world – in their shoes 

Thanks beans

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