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I love the rain

Does anyone else have an obsession with the rain? It’s one of my favorite things. I’ve never been much of a summer person, hot weather stresses me out and bright light makes me sneeze. Winter though is so wonderful. Wrapping up in blankets, hot baths, and showers. Snuggly clothes and duvets. Pretty coats, boots and the beauty that is Christmas. Then, of course, you have the wonderful rain 😀 Easy to come by in England which I’m grateful for. I only wish we lived somewhere that snowed more often. So why do I love rain?

Walks in the rain

Walking in the rain is amazing. It’s so quiet. Everyone else is scattering under shelters and running to their destinations to avoid it which gives me a chance to slow things down and appreciate the beauty in the world.

The smell on the pavement as it rains is fab and so distinctive. Apparently, some companies have actually tried to replicate this in the form of perfume. Would you buy it?

An excuse to be anti-social

The rain makes a great excuse for people not to go out. To stay in and read, drink hot drinks and snuggle under the blanket with the latest episode of game of thrones or the newest blockbuster hit film. There’s no other time that you can get away with it as much without being judged by others because pretty much everyone is doing the same thing.

A happy existence

MY anxiety is never as low as it is when it’s raining. The sound the rains makes the familiar smells and watching the rain slide down the windows. My anxiety levels drop. Instead, I feel calm, relaxed and happy. It’s like floating in a bath of rain’s reality 😀

One of the best things ever would be to wake up to the sound of rain and then fall asleep the same day to it. I never sleep better or have a better day.

Rain is beautiful

Yes, I agree that summer brings bright blue skies but due to my inability to go out without sneezing, I don’t fully get a chance to appreciate the pretty sights in summer. In winter or on rainy days however you can gaze at the beautiful mystical grey clouds and contemplate your own existence as much as you please.

Rain is beautiful. What it means for so many people in the world. The good that it does and the safest it brings to me. People don’t appreciate this wonderful act of nature enough.

So the next time it rains. Try and appreciate it for what it is. Catch up on your favorite TV Shows. Read that book that has spent the last five years gathering dust. Use it as an excuse to stay in, call in sick to work and catch up on some cleaning or hobbies. Sit at a window watching the rain droplets. Just appreciate how lucky you are and be grateful for what you have and of course what nature provides. 

Enjoy the rain ❤

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