Vegan food

Vegan & Gluten free BBQ food 

Hello beans!

So today we had some friends round for a BBQ. They are meat eaters so we did have meat on the table but other than that everything else was vegan and most of the stuff was also gluten free. Just thought I would show you guys how easy it is.

I made two pasta dishes. Pesto with broccoli and a tomato pasta for the other. We had hummus and some homemade avocado hummus. Peanuts, Bombay mix, falafels, crisps, chips, salad, veg, rice, meat free; burgers, sausages and chicken. There was so much good food. For pudding I kept it simple but delicious, we had a range of fruit to choose from and some yummy chocolate cake that went down well with everyone there.

If anyone wants me to put recipes up for anything then let me know 🙂 does anyone else have some favourite BBQ foods? I would love to know.

Thanks beans!

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