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Hello Beans
I just want to give a little life update. This website hasn’t been around for that long and I feel like a lot of the time I don’t post enough content,  especially blogging. To be honest, though it’s mainly because nothing exciting happens in my life! I like repetition and routine so I often do the same kind of things. Here are a few things that have been going on with me though.


Veganism beliefs

I’m still thoroughly enjoying my new way of living but have started realising some pet peeves of mine in relation to other people and MY choice and beliefs.


People seem to think they have a right to say how you should live your own life. Since going vegan I have had so many people look down their nose at me for the way I’m eating. Slightly ironic when these are the people that are quite happy to live with the suffering of the animals they’re eating. But, do I say this to them? No, because I’m the bigger person and would never do that. It’s better to educate people’s ignorance than to argue over it and live up to that vegan stereotype in my opinion. Another thing I’m getting frustrated with at the minute is supermarkets and eating out. In Lincoln, there is so much lack of options for vegans. I can’t just nip out for a meal or nip to the supermarket to get some vegan meat alternatives. I tried that the other day and all they had was the Quorn meat selections which contain milk. Thank you, Tescos! In reference to this though, I have actually emailed both my local co op and Tesco’s to try and encourage them to add more vegan options to their shops. *Fingers crossed*

Snacks favourites

I’ve found a new snack bar that I’m enjoying at the minute. It’s simple and filling. I only wish this kind of snack bar were cheaper!


I’ve also been enjoying violate Red Leicester style cheese recently. I still thoroughly enjoy making my own recipes and food. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram to see some of my creations and everyday life such as this yummy Lychee & Raspberry Nice Cream I had for my breakfast the other day.


Bullet journaling & reading

Bullet Journaling is a fairly new hobby of mine. I don’t want to get into too much detail about what it is but think of a journal with everything in you could possibly want but in summary form rather than wordy paragraphs. I’m having fun experimenting with what content works well for me and I’m really starting to see the impact on my anxiety. If I write things on my mind down in this journal then I have nothing to worry about. Would highly recommend everyone gives it a go. It certainly makes life simpler. I’m really enjoying my habit board and mood board at the minute.


Reading has and probably always will be one of my favourite hobbies. The ability to be sucked into another world completely stepping toes on your own beliefs and way of thinking. The creativity it allows is amazing. I have recently found a dark version of alice that I;m really enjoying. Alice in wonderland is my all time favourite story.


Yes, I am still working on my main book. I’m currently at a point where I’m telling myself it’s not good enough. This is probably just because it’s my first book but it’s getting there. Everything apart from the front cover is now done. I’m also working on my short story to release at the same time. I have taken a week off from writing all together though to give my brain a little rest after working on my writing every day for the past 4/5 months. I will keep you guys updated as usual. There is also a blurb on the ‘my books’ page for my main book if you wouldl ife a sneak preview.

Nail Painting

If you keep updated on my website you will probably already be aware but I have fallen back in love with nail painting and nail art recently. I’ve created a new section on my website for this with some tutorials. There’s only one there at the minute for ombre nails but it’s a working progress.


Video games

I am a bit of a gamer girl. RPG, MMO, Simulations, FPS. There’s a lot of games I like and also a lot I love and go back to. Since Stephan has been off this week we have been chilling out and playing some games. He’s been playing an old final fantasy while I have been playing a GBA Emulator – Sims Bustin Out. Does anyone remember this? I spent so many hours as a kid playing this game. So many hours of life wasted and now I’m wasting them again.


Do you have any favourite games at the minute?

Film Recommendations

Last night I watched ‘Boss Baby’ which I quite enjoyed. Not as good as I though it would be. I don’t tend to enjoy films that much if I find them too predictable.

Kingsmen. A good film that I would recommend. My self and my husband thoroughly enjoyed watching this.

Board Games and Social events

Last night we had some people around that we haven’t seen for a long time. I wouldn’t say they are close enough for friends but we enjoyed hanging out and playing some cards against humanity.

I and Stephan (my husband) have also been enjoying playing some card games this week. Specifically ‘Crazy 8’s’ and ‘New Market’. Anyone have any recommendations of other good 2 player card games? Let me know!

We also have some close friends round tomorrow afternoon for some BBQ/House party food and probably some board games. I’m hoping it goes ok. Not to go into to much detail about it but one of our friends has been quite ignorant recently about my vegan food. I think they assume I eat rabbit food!


A couple of weeks ago I fell over when we went for a walk and sprained my ankle. It kept swelling up and becoming painful so I stopped doing any major exercise for around a week to see if that would help. When it didn’t I went to the doctor and was told that it could take quite a while to heal and they I should make sure I continue exercising….oops.


So yeah I’m back on it now. I enjoy doing a lot of dance cardio by a youtube channel called ‘Club Fitz’. They have some really good videos to the latest music. I also enjoy using kettlebells for strength and going on walks. My routine for existent. I do what I feel like on the day lol.


Oh, something else I did recently around 6-8 weeks ago my hsuband trimmed some lavendar off our bushes and I tied it up and popped it in the cuboard to dry out. Well it finally fried out.


Originally I was going to make some lavender oil with some but I didn’t know if I would use it that much and didn’t want it to go to waste so I ended up making some lavender pouches with it.

All I used it what you can see in the picture..and scissors. Dried lavender, scrap material and wool. 20624171_10155607057143829_417869925_n

So we have around 15 pouches dotted around the house with a few spares. I love lavender 😀 Cheaper than home fragrance items anyway.


If you guys like or dislike these type of blog posts then please let me know so I know whether to continue doing them or not. I figure these updated blogs will be a monthly basis. Just a general chit chat, low key kind of deal. Don’t forget to use the contact me page if you would like to share some info about yourself, have a chit chat, ask about mental health or even any business related enquiries. 

Thanks, Beans!

3 thoughts on “Life in general – favourites, rants & crafts”

  1. Hey, live this post it’s so honest and nice to hear someone experiencing the same issues with finding food. At tesco quite a few of the own brand products meat free are actually vegan – we had some nice burgers the other day. My favourite book / story is Alice in Wonderland too. Might have to check out this book 🙂 it sounds good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thank you for the tip for Tesco own brand products. It’s a shame they don’t mark them as vegan. Yes I would definitely recommend this book if you like Alice in wonderland. It’s a really fascinating dark version that encroaches on mental health. Thoroughly enjoying it. Let me know what you think if you read it 🙂


      1. Yeah it is! I think vegetarian is just more marketable for some reason! I think I’ll have to give it a go – will let you know 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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