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Turning 25

Yesterday was my 25th Birthday and I thought I would share with you all what I got up to. The day previous I had already opened my new phone to make sure it was in full working order to take out with me. Stephan spent the day reminding me that I’m now halfway to 50. On the morning of my birthday, Stephan had come down with a cold so it took a little persuading to get him out of bed. So, whilst he got up and nipped to the shop I did my makeup and hair for the day.


Stephan returned from the shop with some beautiful flowers and some Oreos to add to my nice cream for breakfast. One of my presents was a high-speed blender which I was so grateful for. Lunchtime we headed into town and went to a restaurant in Lincoln called Zizzi’s.


Superb service and some of the best vegan food I’ve ever had. Would highly recommend to anyone who visits or lives in Lincoln. I had bruschetta and half a pizza. I came home with some leftover pizza and a slice of decadent chocolate tort. So delicious!



After a very wonderful lunch, we went shopping! Later on, arriving home we had visits from family and friends with more gifts. The day finally finished at around 10:30 pm.


Stephan’s cold seems worse today and he’s passed it on to me but my mood is pretty good. Today we have some snacks and parents coming round with more gifts so celebrations continue 😀

Does anyone else have a birthday soon or had one recently? What did you do?

Happy summer



  • byebeautyblog

    Nice to see that you had a good birthday 🙂 mine is at the end of next month. I’m glad to see someone else appreciates tkmaxx finds as much as me 🙂


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