Indie Dyer: Susan Gomes of WitchCandy

Wonderful blog and such beautiful pictures with amazing colours. Great first any first timers to hair dying.

Knitting the Stash!

Happy weekend everyone! I’m so excited to feature Susan Gomes of WitchCandy this weekend. I have been smitten with Susan’s work for a LONG time–especially her “Birch Fire,” “Utah Mesa,” and “Sunset Hair,” which are super hard to get a hold of. There is a certain whimsy and vibrancy to Susan’s color combinations. I know I fell in love when I saw her knee socks knit with a beautiful gradient yarn. Plus, Susan is well regarded in the indie community and folks in many of my FB groups snap up her yarn as fast as she can make it. So, first things first: some eye candy from WitchCandy 🙂 and then, the interview!


How did you get into dyeing?
When my kids were little I was really into knitting things for them.  There was an indie dyer who’s yarn I couldn’t get enough of—Lindsay Baker of Family Roots Legacy—who dyed in vibrant…

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