Blueberry & Raspberry Smoothie

For days when the sun is out, smoothies make a wonderful breakfast. Light on the stomach but cooling on the brain. Perfect for a hot day whilst also quenching your thirst. This smoothie is both beautiful in color and beautiful in taste.

The mix of Blueberry and Raspberry give you a great start in the morning while also curbing those sweet cravings. Berries are a great way to start your morning, full of essential nutrients for a healthy diet and because they are low calorie they’re pretty easy to include in your meals.

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Blueberry & Raspberry Smoothie

Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 Person
Calories 345 kcal
Author wallyjay


  • 250 ml Plant-Based Milk
  • 1/2 a Medium Frozen Banana
  • 75 g cup Frozen Blueberries
  • 40 g Frozen Raspberries
  • 1 Tbsp Rolled Oats
  • 1 Tbsp Golden Syrup/ Maple Syrup
  • Toppings of your choosing I used desiccated coconut, cashews, raspberries and blueberries.


  1. Add your Banana to the blender along with your plant-based milk and berries. 

  2. Blend on high speed for 30 seconds. 

  3. Add the rest of your ingredients and blend again for 20 seconds. 

  4. Serve immediately with your favorite toppings for an extra boost. 

Recipe Notes

Please be advised, calories are estimates and your ingredients may vary from mine. 

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