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Comping: Entering Competitions as a Hobby

Today I want to talk to you about Comping. This is one of my longest hobbies. I’ve been doing it for quite some time now and have accumulated a lot of wins over the months. 

What is It? 
Comping is the act of entering competitions that various businesses and people provide. It’s a simple as that. It’s certainly not something that you can make money off as a way of living but it’s nice to get prizes through the post just for entering a few details. A similar enjoyment when you receive a subscription box through the post and don’t know what’s in it. Mini presents each month 🙂

First off let me tell you about the biggest of my wins for each month since the start of the year. The prize values were correct at the time of winning the items. I haven’t included January as it was a very slow start.

What can I win?
Supermarket Vouchers
Giant cuddly teddy bear
Popcorn, ice cream, sweets.
Cleaning products
Blu-Rays/ DVD’s

Above is an example of a few months of comping and possible wins you could receive. These were the categories of items that I won accounting to about £400 over 3 months. 

How does it work? 

The very basic competitions require you to enter your full name and email address. The more advanced ones may require photos or short stories.  They vary. The majority I enter are quick to enter ones and are free!!

Seasonal wins and events are the times you will see an increase in a number of competitions. Such as Christmas, summertime, valentines day, fathers day etc. There is also Win it Wednesday and Freebie Friday which are hashtags companies use for promotions for their competitions. There are a lot more hashtags if you find the time to research into them. Being knowledgeable of these allows you to find your own competitions on Instagram, twitter or facebook by doing quick searches on the busy days.

Daily competitions are ones that as the title suggests you complete daily. Some go on for a set time and others are constant but change prizes you can win. These ones are normally in the form of a game such as a pinball-style or slot machine. There is also a Free lottery, birthday lottery. And plenty others. I can’t express the need to do your research enough. 

There are also paid competitions but I have only ever entered their free ones and look what I’ve received over the months 🙂 Generally, the paid competition prizes are a lot larger, money, cars, that kind of thing but obviously, you take a risk in paying for them.

Postal entry – Another competition time that you can try out. You can buy bulk postcards pretty cheap for specific competitions. Another one I don’t venture into but it’s worth doing the research if you think it’s a good one for you to have a go at. 

How I do it?

Again you need to do your own research. This is just how I do it to work for me. The bookmarks bar is my best friend. I use it for everything but it is particularly handy for comping. As you can see below I keep everything organized for my dailies and the regular sites I use as well as some competitions that aren’t yet open but I have the answers for.


I would highly recommend opening a separate email account as a ‘Spam‘ account. Even though sites say they don’t share your details you always seem to accumulate spam and lots of it while comping. It’s handy to have an account just for comping things to go in and out of. Including your email entries. Also, watch for tick boxes on the competition websites. Boxes like ‘I agree for my details to be shared with 3rd parties‘ some websites are sneaky and have the boxes already ticked so just make sure you check before entering.


There are two websites that I use mainly. These websites give you the competitions details, links to websites and any answers that are required if they are allowed to share the info. The main site I use is Competitions time’ a forum on money supermarket.

I go through the new competitions first thing in the morning and enter the ones I want making sure to check for new competitions several times through the day and more often on special occasions. 

This is definitely my most well used sited. Comps are readily available. If you sign up you can get specific forum details sent to your email daily i.e. the dailies thread. You can also highlight to say which ones you’ve entered with a tick or a cross if it’s not valid for you – this happens with me a lot due to me living in a new build housing area.

Loquax I use first thing in the morning. I go through the ‘Closing Soon’ and ‘New’ Competitions sections. I don’t always use Loquax. More often than not I will check it every few days. It’s a less popular one and not as easy to work your way around but its a good site for the competitions on blogs and places that people won’t spot as much which gives you a better chance of winning. I enter around 70 – 100 today. The total amount of time in a day is probably an hour, sometimes 2 or 3 on busy competition days. Especially Freebie Fridays.  A lot of the websites are also a lot easier to enter because of auto fill on browsers which will fill your details in for you saving you the time and effort.

Thanking – please don’t forget to thank anyone that provides you with comps. No matter the site you use. If you thank people they will continue to find them and share them. Also please consider uploading the details of any you find. Straightforward process. 

Record your wins  – it helps to keep track of the ones that I haven’t received yet. You have to give them 30 days to arrive but don’t be afraid to question the whereabouts if you don’t receive your wins. Below is a print screened image of how I keep track. The pink subtitles are for each month. I list each one by date. The highlighted yellow ones are the ones I haven’t received. It’s good to keep track so you can see if it’s worthwhile and remind yourself about what you’ve won 🙂 I was also taking pictures but I found I soon started forgetting to take them when things arrived.

You may think I’m mad telling you about comping. If I tell you about it and you join in then my chances of winning decrease. But. Who am I to hog all the glory to myself. Share and share alike eh. It’s a wonderful hobby and you can put in as little or as much time as you like. Do your research to see what suits you. This is just how I do it. There are plenty of other ways you can also enter competitions.

Happy Comping! 😀 

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